If you want to reduce your fleet expenses, predict and avoid malfunction, we will help you


If you want to reduce your fleet expenses, predict and avoid malfunction, we will help you

1. Together, we evaluate the seriousness of your problems and make a list of goals you want to achieve

2. We select system modules for you depending on the specifics of your business

3. You implement the system with our support, optimize your work and save money

About Geostron system

Geostron is a software and hardware system that esures the quality control of operations involving both stationary and moving objects. The system allows you to monitor the current state of the car, remotely analyse breakdowns in order to carry out timely preventive actions.

The application collects and analyzes about 200 different technical parameters of the vehicle and provides visual graphs and a flexible reporting system. It also allows communication with the driver directly from the application and customizable user notifications.

Over the years, Geostron's fully functional system has been successfully implemented in the field of transport logistics, taxi and car sharing services, inter-city transportation, agriculture & automotive industries, and more.

System features:

Monitoring the object's location and the relation to geofences in real time
Live tracking of fuel consumption, engine parameters, and other intra-vehicle systems

Analysis of technical condition of vehicles, special vehicles, equipment, and units

Quality control of operations, intended usage of equipment, and engine hours

System implementation results in:

• An objective assessment of extra fuel consuption;
• Lowering the maintenance costs of transport by reducing unnecessary wear of units and assemblies;
• Work evaluation of each driver and vehicle;
• Improving the efficiency of the transport and logistics operations;
• Reduced downtime. Reducing risk of breakdowns during trips;
• Statistics, reporting and effective planning for managers of all levels.

Costs reduction
Fuel theft detection
Increase in useful life of motor vehicle fleet
Detection of unauthorised route deviations

Geostron applications run on various kinds of equipment, which is a distinctive feature of an open system and helps to solve tasks of any complexity. Operation with large vehicle fleets and monitoring thousands of objects is performed via subsystem of event control, which monitors different parameters and alarm events automatically.

How it works

Download Geostron

Download Geostron

The client application provides a complete set of tools to control the quality of vehicle operation

Mobile monitoring

Mobile monitoring

Mobile monitoring for smartphones and tablets of the Geostron system users

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Geostron system is an innovative solution in the field of GPS monitoring. This modern system of satellite navigation serves to control transfer of different objects. The possibility to monitor people, animals, transport and valuable cargo makes application areas unlimited. With the help of the Geostron system you will obtain various opportunities for business development and marketing.

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