Transportation and storage of petroleum products

petroleum products

Russia has huge reserves of a black gold. Oil production and oil processing volume increase year by year, this trend inevitably creates a lot of questions in logistics and oil reserves transportation. Transportation and storage of both crude oil and its derivatives require special control and attention. This is due to value and demand for the product as well as specific danger degree of its transportation. All this is taken into account in the complex solutions offered by Quantor Company based on the GEOSTRON system. Taking into account all requirements of the existing legislation and internal instructions of the enterprises engaged in storage and transportation of oil products, the system will allow You:
• To monitor the exact volume of fuel in the tank, identify deviations between the data of the fuel consumption and the fuel level sensor
• To control fuel injection into the tank and fuel delivery through the filling pistols
• To identify theft during fueling
• To prevent defueling through hatches, bottom valves, including other methods of theft
• To prevent fraud with counter of filling pistols
• To determine the quality of fuel in the tank and attempts to dilute or replace the product
• To track notes while fueling and draining

Applied equipment
Applied equipment

*It is possible to install the Geostron E-ST custom system, which includes:

- Navigation terminal;
- Module of spark protection;
- Filler cap position sensor;
- A sensor determining position of the bottom valve piston;
- Sensor determining the presence/absence of petroleum products in the pipe duct;
- Fuel level sensor in each compartment with fuel temperature detection function;
- Sensor of opening/closing door of technical box;
- Control of the tractor coupled to the tanker;
- Information obtained from the vehicle's CAN bus.

Control of dark petroleum products transportation
Control of dark petroleum products transportation

Controlled parameters of the transport:

It is possible to assemble the radar level indicator ULM-11 in a stationary container.

• The ULM-11 level indicator is optimized for building commercial accounting systems and for solving level measurement tasks that require the highest possible accuracy and sensitivity.
• Measurement accuracy and design features make it easy and fast to build extensive level measurement systems for tank farms of any configuration and any degree of complexity based on these devices, as well as easily integrate ULM-11 level indicators into existing measurement systems.

petroleum products transportation

Fuel level sensor Escort TD500 is used to monitor the level of diesel fuel and petrol in the tank.

• The maximum length of the sensor reaches 5 meters.
• The sensor supports 4 operating modes: RS-485 (including automatic data output), analog signal, frequency and pulse signals.
• Has a certificate of explosion safety OExiaIIBT6 X, galvanic isolation around the sensor body frame and it is included in the register of measuring instruments.

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