System of fuel and lubricants consumption control

The system of fuel and lubricants consumption control is one of the key elements in reducing vehicle costs. Fuel costs are major expenses for a company engaged in haulage or logistics, and these costs should be minimized in the first place. Geostron system allows to have total control over every action with fuel in a company, eliminating any possibility to cheat the company.

The parameters our system controls:

• Average fuel consumption rate
• Total fuel consumption during the selected time period
• Vehicle operating time until next maintenance
• Instant fuel consumption

• Fuel temperature in the tank
• Level of fuel in the tanks
• Fuel feed pressure
• Idling time

Display of fueling and fuel consumption

The report displays information about fueling locations and indicates the amount and duration of fueling. Above that, there is information about fuel consumption at the beginning and at the end of a selected time period, and the average fuel consumption.

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The great results you will get when you implement our system in your company:

• Increase of transport and logistics operations efficiency;
• Reduction of losses related to fuel theft, unscheduled travels exclusion, mileage increase, abuse and downtime;
• Control over the volume of fueling on NGV filling stations;
• Reduction of vehicle fleet maintenance costs, increase in lifespan of vehicles;
• Improving the safety of vehicles, drivers and cargo;
• Statistics, reporting and effective planning for managers at all levels.

Decrease of operating costs

Increase of vehicles useful life

Decrease of unauthorized travels risk

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