Predictive diagnostic system

In order to go forward under competitive conditions, one has to master new, modern technologies. One of the ways to do it is to implement a predictive diagnostics system. Our system Geostron helps to save up to 45% in operating expenses and takes quality to the next level. It is a comprehensive solution both for big manufacturing enterprises, and for vehicle fleets owners or small vehicle pools owners.

Hardware-and-software system Geostron obtains real-time data, processes this data and allows to predict vehicle breakdown or malfunction at various vehicle operating modes with high probability. Using statistical data and archive data, Geostron makes charts for scheduled and extraordinary maintenance. In such a way maintenance can be performed at minimum cost, and you can order and get spare parts timely. With the help of our system you can exclude controversial issues concerning warranty responsibilities and lease agreements, due to the transparency of vehicle operations. This is most important for cargo transport and special vehicles operation, because such vehicles are often overloaded and operated under limiting conditions. A user controls all major vehicle units and assemblies online, and thanks to this, it is possible to respond to undesirable events timely and perform preventive mainenance.

Reduction of repair costs by up to 35%
Reduction of spare parts inventory by up to 47%
Reduction of maintenance costs by up to 26%
Extension of service life of motor equipment and of individual units by up to 34%

Geostron - predictive diagnostics

Geostron system has the following benefits:

• you can order and get spare parts in time
• you can reduce your spare parts inventory
• the risk of your vehicle's breakdown will be minimized, cargo will be delivered in time, and you will avoid penalties from customers
• vast archive and large amount of statistical data in Geostron takes quality to the next level.

Before implementation of the predictive diagnostics system:

After implementation of the predictive diagnostics system:

Our system has rich functionality, is flexible, configurable to user requirements and is constantly improved to meet client demands. Geostron can be used not only for motor vehicles management, but for any type of industry. Nowadays it is one of the cutting edge technologies that you should definetely use to make your business successful.

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