Geostron-Air: satellite monitoring system for
manned and unmanned aircraft

Global development of satellite monitoring systems in the modern world didn’t leave aviation behind. The satellite monitoring system Geostron-Air allows to control manned and unmanned aircraft in real time.

The following parameters are monitored:

• Glide path angle
• Flight path
• Flight speed
• Flight height and flight path’s projection on the earth’s surface

• Fuel level control
• SRL ON/OFF status
• TTL ON/OFF status
• Trailing edge flaps position
• Online monitoring in the zones where GSM networks are not available

Display of the flight path for a small airplane

Benefits of the system implementation:

• Online control over the established route, detection of route deviations;
• Increasing safety of the aircraft during flight;
• Increasing of effectiveness of airline pilots training;
• Getting statistics data, generating reports and successful planning for company leaders at all levels;
• Locating plane crush in real time.

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