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In 1991, the SPRUT-Technology company was founded. The company specializes in the development and implementation of systems in the field of pre-production automation. One of the development directions of SPRUT-Technology was the creation of the Quantor-T research and production company. Specialists of Quantor-T created high-technology devices for analysis and diagnostics of downhole equipment in oil-and-gas industry. Then, the production of such small-sized devices for measuring and registration and of accessory technological equipment started.

Basing on SPRUT-Technology, Quantor was founded in 1992. The company Quantor specialized in the turn-key assembly and maintenance of computers and office equipment. Over the years of the company's existance, we have created a powerful system for office equipment maintenance and repair services; we have developed our own CRM-system, integrated in working processes and regulating customer-company interactions. Above that, we have been providing services in the following areas:
- design and construction of structured cabling networks, telephony, video surveillance systems, access control systems, security and fire alarm systems;
- development and implementation of backend solutions and internet-based technologies;
- information recovery from storage media of any type.

In the growing Quantor company, we have always been focused of resource saving, and also on optimization of resource control. In view of the above, and as a logical step in the company's further development, a new product was developed in 2008: a satellite monitoring system, named Geostron. This is a system for monitoring of moving and stationary objects, and it fulfills the highest demands of customers in the segment.


Meanwhile, Geostron has become a modern and powerful complex of applications allowing state and private companies to control moving objects such as vehicle fleets, railway carriages and containers, maritime fleet and personnel. The system’s applications operate via satellite communication thus making it possible to control objects in furthest parts of the world.

System service includes an application installed on PC, providing a reliable tool for objects monitoring and also for creating an environment to control vehicle assemblies and components. Full-featured WEB-client and mobile applications make the system stand out from the competition and provide a full set of control tools.

In Geostron system all objects are displayed in real time. Beside the standard maps, Geostron supports user-defined maps and 3D maps. This allows to show tracks in three dimensions when controlling flying objects. Geostron applications run on various kinds of equipment, which is a distinctive feature of an open system and helps to solve tasks of any complexity.

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