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With motorization rates on the rise, one can hardly imagine an enterprise that doesn't deal with motor transportation. Provision of goods and materials, sales of finished products, transportation of workers to and from the workplace, - all this requires motor transport. Motor transport means extra expenditure for a company, and if not organized correctly, will cause essential financial losses. It is necessary to constantly monitor the movements of vehicles, to control transport schedule, driving style and behaviour, loads on the vehicle components, etc.

Geostron satellite monitoring system helps to solve the most important tasks of a company's vehicle pool or vehicle fleet. Satellite monitoring of vehicles makes it possible to obtain most reliable information online. The use of this system saves time and money, because you can respond to any emergency literally at the moment when it occurs. The system may serve as an example of a modern and effective tool for workflow management, and it also has a positive effect of drivers' behaviour and attitude. With the help of Geostron, you can totally eliminate the risk of unauthorized deviations from the route and stop fuel theft. You can also minimize your costs, raise drivers' responsibility and reduce direct expenditures. Thanks to this, this system of motor vehicle management and fuel control will pay off in the shortest time possible.

Fuel consumption control
Motor vehicle tracking
Maintenance costs control
Ensuring vehicle fleet safety
Vehicle lifecycle management
Driving style monitoring

The algorithm of the system is as follows: a GLONASS/GPS tracker installed on a vehicle identifies the current coordinates, speed and vehicle driving direction. Additional sensors read values of fuel level, driving speed, coolant temperature, etc. The data is recorded by the tracker, is stored in the device memory and is transmitted via GPRS communication to the system server at set intervals. End user gets the data from the program Geostron installed on the user's PC. The PC must have internet-connection. It is possible to track a vehicle's location at any time.

All the data of the satellite monitoring system is stored on the server, that's why a user can get an access to it whenever it is convenient, from any computer or phone with Internet access. Vehicle data is recorded even when mobile network is not available. When there is a GPRS signal again, all the recorded data is transmitted to the server in the usual way. It is also possible to connect a GPS tracker to a standard on-board network, so that a user can get exhaustive information about the vehicle's systems. A Panic Button for emergency cases can be installed, too. Using our system, one can call a driver and communicate with him via GPRS, to reduce international roaming costs and inter-city calls costs. The frequency of coordinates transfer, for instance, in roaming, can be reduced to minimize cellular communication costs. It is configured via SMS.

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