Integrated quality control system for operation of vehicles

Usage of a vehicle life cycle control system saves you time and money, since you can respond to any emergency situation literally at the moment of its occurrence. The Geostron system is an example of an up-to-date and effective tool that is responsible for managing workflow, as well as positively influencing discipline of drivers. With Geostron, it is possible to completely eliminate misuse of work vehicles, as well as theft of fuel. By optimizing costs, increasing degree of personnel responsibility and reducing direct costs, our vehicle and fuel monitoring system pays for itself in the shortest possible time.

Benefits of system implementation:

  • Objective assessment of fuel burns
  • Remote control of compliance with operating rules
  • Notification of scheduled maintenance timing
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Compliance with safety standards
  • Possibility of installation on any type of vehicle regardless of manufacturers of commercial equipment

The satellite monitoring system provides real-time display of the object, simplifies planning, optimization and control of the delivery process, it also provides the ability to create automatic events about the arrival / departure of an object at a given point and crossing geofences. Geostron informs the operator about the delay of the object at the point, non-arrival in the geofence in the specified time period or the failure of the object to leave the zone after the specified interval, which makes it possible to correctly plan the cargo delivery.

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