Passenger transportation

Passenger transportation sphere requires control of specific performance indicators of transport, we offer our own solution - a subsystem of passenger transportation accounting. This is a comprehensive satellite monitoring program integrated with a fare system of the Tatarstan Republic. Solution can be used on any type of passenger transport.

Transport's controlled parameters:

• Location, movement, parkings
• Driver identification
• Voice communication with the driver
• Fuel consumption
• Reading of a CAN bus settings from vehicle's electronic control unit
• Doors open/closed position

• Control of a temperature and a smoke level in the cabin
• E-tickets reading
• Video surveillance system
• Wi-Fi access in the bus
• Bus stops auto-informer
• Data retransmission to third-party systems

The Geostron satellite monitoring system in passenger transportation allows:

• To monitor in real-time according to the schedule;
• To track passenger traffic and keep records of indicators formation of the enterprise for the revenue and expenditure side;
• To control the fare system and improve the quality of service of beneficiaries;
• To coordinate the work time of drivers excluding the misuse of vehicles;
• To analyze the quality of driving improving the safety of transportation;
• To reduce fuel expenditures;
• To send instant messages to the dispatcher in case of emergency situations;
• To use obtained data for passenger transportation schemes optimization (route, schedule, etc.);
• To monitor vehicles' technical condition and compliance with traffic regulations;
• To exclude a work of a conductor;
• To integrate the automated fare system of the Tatarstan Republic into the system (integration with other fare systems is possible).

Advantages of the monitoring system:

• Control of location in real-time from any device with an Internet access;
• Accurate information on consumption, volume, time, place of drains and fueling;
• Monitoring of speed modes at any selected time period as well as online;
• Control of an actual visit of specified spots (stops);

GLONASS/GPS terminals implementation allows to optimize employees of the enterprise work, to make an optimal schedule and solve controversial issues that unavoidably occur during the operation of passenger transport.

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