Monitoring of cargo transportation

Monitoring of cargo transportation

Organization of high-quality cargo transportation is a complex process that requires attention and great efforts. During transportation vehicle plays a major role, moreover it is important for the client to know where his cargo is, to be sure of its safety and timeliness of delivery. Thanks to GEOSTRON monitoring system you can track cargo, time frames, quality of transportation, provide constant communication and immediate assistance in case of breakage.

Monitoring of cargo transportation by GEOSTRON system is a simple and very effective way to reduce the cost of maintenance and operation of the vehicle fleet. Moreover, usage of this system allows to ensure the safety of both the cargo and the driver. Installation of the Geostron monitoring system for freight transport allows you to monitor the readings of all detectors that have been put into the vehicle, so you will receive instant messages in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Tasks that Geostron system helps you to solve:

- operational formation of the route of the transportation process;
- control of perishables transportation conditions;
- access to voice communication with the driver;
- control of timeframe of goods delivery at the appointed time;
- improving driver's and cargo's safety;
- ability to transfer information about vehicle breakdowns using an alarm button.

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