Monitoring of Housing and Communal Services

Every day we face with work of housing and communal services. They take out garbage, improve our yards and houses, come to the rescue in case of an accident. In this case large number of different equipment is used. Owners of companies in the housing and communal sector need to solve the following problems:

• real-time monitoring of location;
• fuel consumption control (spent, average consumption, drains, refills);
• control of the actual operation of the equipment;
• control of counterparty visits.

Controlled transport parameters:

• Location, traffic, parking;
• Driver identification;
• Voice communication with driver;
• Fuel level consumption;
• Reading of CAN bus parameters from vehicle Electronic Control Units;
• Operating time of Power take off;

• Working time of the blade, the blade position;
• Reagent consumption;
• Operating time of the mounted devices of the combined road machine;
• Integration with the electronic control unit of mounted devices, which operate according to SAEJ1939 standards;
• Data rebroadcast to third-party systems;

Results of monitoring system implementation:

• Reduction of fuel purchase expenses up to 50%;
• Reduction of mileage up to 30 %;
• Reduction of inappropriate use of equipment up 100%;
• Elimination of equipment downtime;
• Improvement of labor discipline of drivers;
• Improvement of transport operation safety.

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