About the satellite monitoring system

Geostron is a modern and powerful complex of applications allowing state and private companies to control moving objects such as vehicle fleets, railway carriages and containers, maritime fleet and personnel. The system’s applications operate via satellite communication thus making it possible to control objects in furthest parts of the world.


System service includes an application installed on PC, providing a reliable tool for objects monitoring and also for creating an environment to control vehicle assemblies and components. Full-featured WEB-client and mobile applications make the system stand out from the competition and provide a full set of control tools.

In Geostron system all objects are displayed in real time. Beside the standard maps, Geostron supports user-defined maps and 3D maps. This allows to show tracks in three dimensions when controlling flying objects.

Geostron applications run on various kinds of equipment, which is a distinctive feature of an open system and helps to solve tasks of any complexity. Operation with large vehicle fleets and monitoring thousands of objects is performed via subsystem of event control, which monitors different parameters and alarm events automatically. The system also provides full control over the life cycle of the monitoring object's unit, optimizes the work with claims within the warranty period thus increasing effectiveness of the fleet.

Economic indicators before and after the implementation of the system

Average fuel consumption before and after the implementation of the system

Economic effect and payback period for vehicle operation (70 vehicles)

The system functions not only with motor vehicles, but also with any equipment and aggregate. Currently integration with gas-powered vehicles, fuel tankers, stationary petrol stations, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, aircraft and water transport is provided. Basing on Geostron system, a "Safe City" project has been developed, and a system of automatic payment for passenger transport has been implemented.

The possibilities that the system provides

Vehicles and equipment are located in real time;

Fuel consumption is controlled;

CAN-bus parameters are controlled;

The function of vehicle units and assemblies is monitored and analyzed;

Subsystem performs remote vehicle diagnostics;

System of graphic analysis displays the functioning of vehicle units and assemblies over time;

Parametric event system informs you when a parameter value exceeds max. allowed value;

The system evaluates the quality of vehicle operation and the driving style;

Flexible report system allows to generate system and user-defined reports;

Operations control center allows to call the driver;

Global coverage is provided;

Geostron can be Integrated with ERP systems;

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