Monitoring of water transport

Inland waterway transport occupies a significant place in our country's economy. It practically meets all aspects of social requirements for modern transport. This is transport and environmental safety and reliability. Having such advantages over other modes of transport as low cost of transportation, the presence of nature-created ways, environmental cleanliness, inland waterway transport, however, loses in the competition to road and rail transport, largely due to lack of flexibility, low speed and seasonality.

However, water transport is widely used to transport a variety of goods that do not require high speed delivery. The important components of operating costs spent on transportation of goods and passengers are fuel consumption, maintenance materials and repair of ships.

Водный трнанспорт

According to the statistics, theft of fuel by enterprising personnel is up to 15-20%. With the extent of fuel consumption during transportation (measured in tons), "unplanned" losses can be very high. During their journey unplanned stops of vessels which is not the fastest means of transport are often practiced that affect the length of a journey. In addition, during these stops, theft of cargo is possible. GEOSTRON system will allow to organize remote control of vessels. You will be able to see the route, all stops, control fuel consumption and the general condition of the vessel in real time. The use of the monitoring system will significantly reduce operating costs, increase the security level of transportation and allow you to focus on the development of your company.

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