Interactive smart system for monitoring operation
of a dump truck hydraulic equipment

An interactive system for monitoring operation of a hydraulic equipment allows you to remotely monitor and fully control operation of a hydraulic unit in real time, throughout the entire life cycle. The solution is multi-brand and works with all manufacturers of a hydraulic equipment: HYVA, PALFINGER, Binotto, etc. Timely quality control of hydraulic equipment operation increases useful life and reduces cost of servicing and repairing hydraulics.

Controlled parameters:

• Oil level in a hydraulic tank;
• Oil temperature in a hydraulic system;
• Inlet pressure supplied by a power take-off device;
• Oil pressure supplied to a hydraulic cylinder;
• Oil pressure supplied to connected units;
• Time of lifting/lowering of a dump truck body;
• Lift angle of a dump truck body;
• Control of transverse/longitudinal tilt angles of a dump truck platform during unloading;
• Control of a number of revolutions of engine at the time of operation of a hydraulic equipment;
• Control of exceeding permissible load of a hydraulic cylinder;
• Control of movement with a raised body of a dump truck;
• Remote diagnostics of hydraulic equipment operation.

System implementation benefits:

• Quality control of assembly of a set of a hydraulic equipment at all stages of production;
• Quality control of operation of the entire life cycle of a hydraulic equipment;
• Monitoring of compliance of safety measures throughout the entire lifting of a vehicle body;
• Reduction of unplanned costs for claims during a warranty period;
• Improved brand image due to increased service life of a hydraulic equipment.

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