Control system for combustion engines that run on gaseous fuels

Nowadays vehicles that use compressed natural gas become more and more popular. Though the operation of gas-powered vehicles is economically feasible, companies often face the problem of fuel consumption measuring and control. Geostron will solve this problem for you and will show fuel costs per 1 kilometre travelled.

Controlled parameters

• Average gaseous fuel consumption
• Total amount of fuel consumed during the selected time period
• Remaining time of vehicle operation before the moment when the next check-up is due
• Actual percentage of gaseous fuel utilization

• Cumulative operating time of gas-powered engines
• Gaseous fuel level in gas cylinder
• Absolute gaseous fuel pressure in the system at feeding
• Ambient temperature

Display of fuel consumption and fueling

In our system you can get a report and see places of fueling, fueling volume and duration. Geostron also displays fuel level at the beginning and at the end of a chosen time period, and average fuel consumption during a chosen time period.

газообразное топливо отчёт
The great results you will get if you implement our system in your company:

• Increase of transport and logistics operations efficiency;
• Reduction of losses related to fuel theft, unscheduled travels exclusion, mileage increase, abuse and downtime;
• Control over the volume of fueling on NGV filling stations;
• Reducing vehicle fleet maintenance costs, increasing lifespan of vehicles;
• Improving the safety of vehicles, drivers and cargo;
• Statistics, reporting and effective planning for managers at all levels.

Decrease of operating costs

Increase of vehicles lifespan

Decrease of unauthorized
travels risk

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