Monitoring of trailers, semi-trailers and containers

In the highly competitive cargo transportation market, the relevance of digital solutions is becoming more and more popular. The rapid growth of marketplace platforms creates new requirements for e-commerce logistics, and not all monitoring systems can ensure the transparency of the cargo transportation process.

As part of the Geostron software and hardware complex, solution was developed to control the location of trailers and SWAP-BODY containers. The system provides full autonomy of the tracker from the tractor, which allows you to track the geolocation and technical condition of the trailer in real time. Thanks to this, the trailer will always be in touch with its owner and the shipper, regardless of the carrier, which is important when transporting goods by relay delivery. Monitoring of speed limits and compliance with smooth riding during cargo transportation will allow the shipper to assess the quality of services provided by the carrier.

Controlled parameters:

• Location, traffic, parking;
• Mileage;
• Monitoring of the technical condition of the trailer;
• Axle load;
• Cargo weight;


• Door status (open/closed);
• Tire pressure;
• Condition of the coupling with tractor
• Condition of the refrigeration unit;
• Temperature control

Advantages of implementing the "Geostron" System:

• Optimization of logistics processes;
• Reduced operating costs;
• Prevention of downtime and minimization of empty runs;
• Visibility of the condition and increased availability of semi-trailers;
• Constant access to cargo status information;
• Prevention of theft by timely notification of events (unscheduled loading/unloading, exit from geofences, violation of the route);
• Reducing the number of penalties for overloading;
• Transparency of relations between participants in the cargo transportation process;

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