Agricultural machinery

Agriculture has its own specifics when it comes to labor management and work conditions. Defective work or lack of control usually leads to significant unplanned expenses due to equipment downtime, improper use and schemes to steal fuel.

Monitoring of location in real time
Fuel consumption control (fuel consumed, average consumption, drains, fueling)
engine hours
Control of engine hours
service life of special vehicles
Control of service life of special vehicles

If you implement the hardware & software solution Geostron, you will ensure a comprehensive approach to the tasks at all work stages: from preparation of soil to harvesting. This will help to increase productivity, to control service life of vehicle units and assemblies and to reduce and prevent fuel theft. It will also allow you to monitor compliance, to keep the appropriate technological speed and accuracy of equipment operation, to calculate the size of the area with prepared soil and to minimize crop loss during harvesting.

Technical parameters of a vehicle that Geostron monitors:
Location, motion, parking
Driver identification
Driver identification
Voice communication
Voice communication with the driver
Reading of parameter values from CAN-bus
level control
Grain level control in the grain tank or in the vehicle dump body
harvesting implement
Control of the position of the harvesting implement
Control of the activation/deactivation of the auger conveyor
Fuel consumption control

Results of monitoring system implementation:

• Reduction of fuel purchase expenses up to 50%;
• Reduction of mileage up to 30 %;
• Reduction of inappropriate use of equipment up 100%;
• Elimination of equipment downtime;
• Improvement of labor discipline of drivers;
• Improvement of transport operation safety;
• Compliance with deadlines;
• Reduction of overlaps in the processing of agricultural land up to 30%;
• Increase of working hours up to 100% by working at night;
• Increase of shift capacity up to 20%.

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