Special machinery

The expenditures on operating machinery is a significant part of any enterprise costs. The Geostron system developed a special algorithm that allows to control fuel consumption with maximum accuracy in difficult operating conditions, excluding the amplitude fluctuations of petroleum products. With a comprehensive optimization of fleet management, the economic effect reaches more than 20 %. Special equipment is a leader in the speed of payback period of satellite monitoring systems.

Controlled transport parameters:

• Driver identification system;
• Voice communication system with driver;
• Alarm button
• GPS / GLONASS tracker;
• Engine hours sensor;
• Fuel consumption sensor;
• Mounted equipment sensor;
• Reading data from the CAN bus;

• Pressure sensor (up/down);
• Hilt operation sensor;
• Tower crane boom angle sensor;
• Tower crane operation sensor;
• The sensor of rotation of the tower crane boom;
• Bulk material sensor;
• Bodywork position sensor.

The use of satellite monitoring system Geostron for special equipment allows you to control:

• Vehicle location - determination of the exact location and speed of the object online;
• Geofence - visiting of the set geofences of the Parking lot. Receiving notifications, in case of departure of the vehicle beyond the boundaries of the specified working area. The exception of the "third-party" workings, the misuse of technology;
• Operating time of mechanisms - control of the actual operation of the manipulator, hoist, bucket, crane, blade, boom;
• Efficiency - accounting of transport efficiency and the exclusion of unjustified engine operation during downtime;
• Engine hours - registration and monitoring of real-time engine operation;
• Number of revolutions of a crankshaft - control of the current turn of the engine, inadmissible excess and dangerously low engine speeds that will allow to prolong a resource of the power unit;
• Temperature mode - daily temperature control and control of work with the not heated or overheated engine. Ability to anticipate engine cooling system malfunctions and prevent engine failure;
• Engine oil pressure - detection of the fact of low engine oil pressure for its prompt elimination;
• Fuel consumption control - refueling /drains. Calculation of fuel consumption for 1 hour of operation is a way to identify malfunctions in the engine, which lead to increased fuel consumption;
• Life cycle at all stages of operation - Reducing the costs of fleet maintenance, increasing the lifespan of vehicles.

Bodywork lift of KAMAZ

Event report

The event report from the satellite system can be interpreted in the form of a table, graph or chart. Users choose the type of report to analyze, adjust and optimize the fleet. Use the data from the system as evidence when settling disputable situations with the Customers.

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