Dear friends, today the company “Quantor” is 28 years old!


We have come a long way, completed many important projects, and today we want to share our success. Maybe, some of you already know that our company succeeds in many other fields, apart from the development of the satellite monitoring system Geostron.

We have been providing services in the following areas: design and construction of structured cabling networks, telephony, video surveillance systems, access control systems, security and fire alarm systems; development and implementation of backend solutions and internet-based technologies; information recovery from storage media of any type.

Recently, the “Quantor” company has finished several major projects, and we’d like to tell about them in this article:


More than 10 years ago, PAO “KAMAZ” took several steps in order to implement separate access control systems (ACS) at different plants and departments (in the General direction of PAO “KAMAZ”, in the Research and Development Center, at the Instruments and Special Machinery Plant, and at other plants, as well). These were the systems of various manufacturers, and they were implemented in limited quantities. At that time, there was already an ambitious goal to unite all the plants of PAO “KAMAZ” into one system by implementing a single ACS for all plants and departments and using one access card to enter each plant/department.

It was a difficult task to unite objects located far from another into one system, to connect them all to one center, to create a fail-safe system, to set work processes at entrance checkpoints and at access control offices, and to configure administration and alarm-response systems. In 2013, OOO “Quantor” planned the Corporative access control system of PAO “KAMAZ”.

The realization of this project began in 2018. Main optic and copper wiring was laid (total length was more than 50 km), active network equipment was installed, entrance checkpoints and security booths were equipped with appropriate appliances or replaced. Workstations for security officers, for turnstiles and communication center were built.

By the end of 2019, the following plants had a test run of the access control system: the Foundry Plant, the Press and Stamp Plant, the Forge Plant, the Engine Plant, the Truck Assembly Plant, the Tool and Repair Plant, procurement department, and some other departments; and in 2020, the General direction of PAO “KAMAZ” and the Research and Development Center were connected to the system, too. All in all, we have connected more than 20 entrance checkpoints to the system, where there are more than 70 turnstiles, more than 60 working stations for security officers, access control offices and administrators. Additionally, we have performed the integration of ACS with different control systems of PAO “KAMAZ”, and we implemented the automatic registration of the visits of employees and guests.


2018-2019: DAIMLER KAMAZ RUS, Cabin Frame Plant (SFTP) – SCN, ACS, VSS


In 2018, we began to build security systems of the new high-technological Cabin Frame Plant (SFTP) that belongs to the joint venture of PAO “KAMAZ” and DAIMLER AG – to the DAIMLER KAMAZ RUS company. The specialists of the “Quantor” company developed and successfully implemented the project of full-featured security system that includes video surveillance system (VSS), access control system (ACS) and structured cabling network (SCN). SCN includes more than 700 optical ports in the office and production part of the plant. More than 200 ports were installed to make the robot-aided production processes possible. All networks were built with reserved ports.

The video surveillance system includes more than 300 static and rotating digital surveillance cameras that control all the territory of the plant. All the important processes that take place at the plant are monitored. The VSS (video surveillance system) provides protection and serves to control the labor discipline.

The access control system (ACS) consists of more than 200 controlled entrance points (doors, turnstiles, gate arms). The whole system was integrated at short notice. Doors for different purposes (metal, doors, glass doors, aluminum shape doors) were equipped. The integrated system allowed dividing the plant into functional zones with limited access for personnel. Thanks to the unification provided at the stage of planning the project, it became possible to use access cards of the PAO “KAMAZ” access control system, for identification. Employees can also use their access cards in the canteen of the plant, to buy meals.

The data from all these systems is transferred to a single monitoring center, equipped with several working stations that display the information on the monitors used for real-time monitoring, and on the videowall. This allows controlling all the processes of security systems.


2013-2019: Intelligent Transport-Informational System for PAO “KAMAZ” (ITIS)


In 2019, the “Quantor” company completed the development and implementation of the Intelligent Transport-Informational (ITIS) that had been developed for the largest truck-manufacturing plant in Russia, PAO “KAMAZ”. ITIS serves for optimization of work in logistics, gathering and processing of the telematics information, allows to perform remote monitoring and diagnostics of KAMAZ trucks in real time, evaluates the driving quality and controls the operation of vehicles.

The system allows the manufacturer to evaluate warranty claims impartially. Above that, ITIS is perfect for the specialists of logistics and control departments and for truck drivers as well.

ITIS consists of 5 products:
- Telematic platform unit (TPU) that is connected to the CAN-bus of a vehicle.
- On-board information system (OIS) – navigation hardware & software solution with multimedia functions. It is designed to be installed in the new generation of KAMAZ truck cabins.
- Client-side software for satellite monitoring systems ITIS KAMAZ, designed for the employees that drive KAMAZ trucks.
- WEB-application ITIS KAMAZ, developed for monitoring and controlling of trucks.

For now, the system has proved to be a reliable and convenient service that has no matches on the Russian market so far.


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