GPS / GLONASS tracker is a mobile device designed to control moving objects. It can be any vehicle, person or animal. We recommend GPS / GLONASS tracker to everyone who needs location data of some object at any time. With the help of this tracker you can receive real-time data online. Depending on the goals of GPS / GLONASS tracking, these devices are divided into personal trackers and vehicle trackers.

The system of vehicle GPS / GLONASS tracking allows you to control the movement of any cargo and vehicle in your vehicle fleet.

Vehicle GPS / GLONASS tracker is a stationary device connected to the vehicle's on-board network. It receives the coordinates of the vehicle and provides you with the vehicle location data and the vehicle status data.

Personal GPS / GLONASS trackers are smaller in size. They are designed to provide control over the movements of people and animals. Such tracker is equipped with a built-in GPS / GLONASS and GSM sensor that transmits real-time data about the current location of the object. This data can be obtained either in the Google Maps service, or via sms containing the coordinates. Often it is a GPS / GLONASS tracker for PDAs and android phones, also symbian, iOS, windows mobile, java. This built-in feature for mobile phone is extremely convenient to use.

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The choice of GPS / GLONASS tracker is determined by the goals you set. A personal portable GPS / GLONASS tracker is extremely small-sized - just like an average mobile phone. That's why it is convenient to carry and great for individual use.

For such a GPS / GLONASS tracker, the price is quite affordable, and your family budget will not suffer. For a relatively small cost you get up-to-date information about where a child or an elder person is. Owners of cats and dogs often google "buy a GPS / GLONASS tracker". A GPS / GLONASS collar tracker is ideal for animals tracking. An individual GPS / GLONASS tracker allows you to monitor the path of athletes, for example, skiers, runners, rally participants, etc.

Vehicle GPS / GLONASS tracking stores location data of the object and sends it to the server. The system displays not only the current location of the object, but also the history of its movement.

GPS / GLONASS tracking is used both in business and in private life to monitor objects movement.

For those business owners who need information about cargo or vehicle location, it is often a good idea to buy a GPS / GLONASS tracker. Company vehicle drivers, remote employees often violate company rules in different ways. The most common cases are using a company car for personal purposes, fuel theft and alternating the driving route. All this reflects adversely on the financial state of the enterprise and its performance. For personal use, a GPS / GLONASS tracker is used, its price is lower than the price for a vehicle tracker.

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