Use of the System

Due to tough competition, improving quality of work or service quality is necessary for any company. Implementation of Geostron system will increase your business mobility, will activate latent resources of personnel, will allow you to make the most of your transport service. As a leader you will be able to organize dispatching support and coordination of objects movement, and therefore always be aware of where your employee, transport or cargo is.

Geostron applications run on various kinds of equipment, which is a distinctive feature of an open system, and helps to solve tasks of any complexity. Operation with large vehicle fleets and monitoring thousands of objects is performed via subsystem of event control, which monitors different parameters and alarm events automatically.

Predictive diagnostic
Gas engines
Fuel consumption control

Freight transport
Satelite monitoring
Passenger transportation
Personal tracking

Transportation containers
Manned and unmanned aircraft
Water transport
Transportation of petroleum products

Hydrofication of dump trucks
Special machinery
Communal Services
Agricultural machinery

Information about unplanned stops, deviations from the route, leaving the established location zone will give a reason for qualitative changes in the company's operations.

You will be able to allocate resources according to the established rules, without corrections due to "unforeseen circumstances". This way you will fulfill orders or deliver goods as quickly as possible, thereby offering a better customer service than competitors do.

A major aspect of any enterprise activity is personal safety of the administration and average employees, safety of material valuables, protection from unfair competition.

Even though Geostron system only solves logistics problems, it, therefore, also helps to reach a proper level of objects protection and high readiness of your security service.
Geostron system application is highly effective, but the decision to choose it as a tool for motor vehicle monitoring should be justified. If you don't really need the product or there are no clearly defined tasks for the program to solve, then it's not reasonable to spend money on it. We offer you an opportunity to make up your own opinion and see if the system can help to achieve the particular goals you set. A comprehensive assessment of the Geostron system and its features will allow you to consider pros and cons and make the right choice.  

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